Boots Back on the Ground

Today, the countdown for the new Call of Duty game reveal was activated on the games official website. We have 4 days left before the reveal of a brand new game. As we wait for the next installment of the CoD series, many gamers are wondering what the return to the “boots on the ground” gameplay will do for the series. No more bots, no more wall-running, no more exo suits. We know that the game will take place during World War II, a welcome surprise after the fiasco that was the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal. The trailer for CoD: Infinite Warfare is the second most disliked video on YouTube. Not a lot of people were happy with this new futuristic take on the franchise.

More over, when Battlefield 1 was revealed, the internet exploded, creating memes, gifs, and even videos mocking Call of Duty.

For me, the series took a dive after Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Not in sales or anything, in fact, Black Ops II was a great game commercially. I’m talking about quality. I grew up playing Modern Warfare and World at War. World at War was actually the first game I ever platinumed on PS3. Call of Duty: Black Ops brought us a dark, more mysterious story that I also greatly enjoyed. However, the same cannot be said about Black Ops II, Ghosts, and Black Ops III.  Black Ops: II was mediocre at best, and everyone I know hated Ghosts. At least the multiplayer was fun to play, even if it was a bit repetitive after a while.

Now, you must be thinking: “What the f*** are you talking about, Gamer, you don’t know s***, you f***ing noob.” I’ve been playing games my whole life, I know what I’m talking about. This is my unapologetic opinion; ever since Black Ops II, the CoD games haven’t been very good, with the exception of Infinite Warfare, which was actually not that bad.

Of course, most gamers only play the CoD games for the zombies or the multiplayer, which is ok; everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but even CoD fans have to admit that the multiplayer in any of the new games is more or less the exact same reskin. Now, I’m not saying that the multiplayer modes are carbon copies, with the addition of the exo suits and wall running, but even with these new features, there are games that do it better, in my opinion. Titanfall did the wall running and jumping thing first, and, sadly, Titanfall II was way too underrated.

After seeing what DICE did with Battlefield 1, and the praise they received from gamers, the people behind CoD decided to go back to a more realistic, boots on the ground based gameplay. After all, many people loved the new direction Battlefield was taking, while at the same time they ridiculed CoD for their “space wars” themed gameplay. Now, CoD is going back to it’s roots and the new game will place you in the middle of World War II, and I couldn’t be happier.

So far all we know is when it is taking place (WWII), and that there will diffidently be a zombies mode. Other than that my guess is as good as your’s. But lets take a look at another WWII era Call of Duty game. World at War got many things right, letting you fight as an American soldier against the Japanese, or as a Russian soldier against the Germans. Nothing was more fun than mowing down Nazi scum, and the story, pacing, and overall atmosphere of the game made it that much more fun.

We don’t know if the new CoD will go back and revisit the same missions of World at War, or if the new game will be yet another reskin, but I believe this is the right move for CoD. There have been so many games based on World War II that I cannot predict what this new game will be about. I also doubt that the player will be able to take part in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This would cause too much controversy and opposition from SJWs and Political Correctness groups; though that would be an awesome final mission for the game.

Whatever Call of Duty: WWII has in store for us, I can only expect something epic that we can all enjoy. What are your thoughts of on the new game? Do you prefer the futuristic approach the series took, or do you want a return to the boots on the ground era of CoD? Do you think Call of Duty will be able to top Battlefield 1? Will DICE do something to ridicule CoD yet again?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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