All hail the PlayStation… 5?

Wait, what? The PlayStation 4 is the bestselling console of it’s generation with 64 million units shipped since its debut. With only about five years under its belt (a very short life for consoles) it’s become the go to gaming console for many players. Late last year also gave us the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, two mid-gen releases that improved on the original PS4. Two brand new consoles, one with less than a year of shelf life, and we are already hearing rumors of a next-gen PlayStation.

The information was “leaked” by non other than Damian Thong. Before we get our tin foil hats and cry “bulls***,” remember that Mr. Thong also leaked information about the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, and he was mostly correct on his information about both of the consoles. Now, Mr. Thong claims that there is a new generation of consoles being born, headlined by Sony’s new system, the PlayStation 5. Damian Thong expects the new system to drop “by the second half of 2018.”

As I said, Mr. Thong has been correct about Sony’s consoles in the past, so he is either a very lucky guesser or he is actually getting some juicy inside information from the company. That or he’s a clairvoyant; who knows? In any case, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. I mean, why would Sony release a new console less than two years after the release of the PS4 Pro. On the other hand, we can’t exactly ignore this prediction due to the background of the messenger, and because Nintendo did something more or less the same last week.

Last month Nintendo announced the new 2DS XL, not even six months after the Nintendo Switch launched. This move left gamers and business experts astounded, as no one can figure out why Nintendo is releasing another handheld system. Given that that PSP: Vita is not a highly sought after item, the only competition in the handheld gaming market for Nintendo would be themselves. This move has everyone, including myself, scratching our heads. Then again, Nintendo did claim that the new 2DS XL would be marketed towards a younger audience, while the Switch is aimed at an older market of gamers.


Still, the best reason anyone can think of for why Sony is releasing a new console would be to battle the Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is set to release with a substantial amount of power that will dwarf the PS4 Pro’s. The Scorpio is expected to knock the PS4 Pro off of the “Most Powerful Console” pedestal, as it is all but confirmed to be the true most powerful console in the world. If you would like some more details on Project Scorpio, and my own opinions, please click here.

The PlayStation 5 could be Sony’s way of knocking back the Scorpio. However, whether the Scorpio succeeds when it launches, or whether Sony manages to beat Microsoft yet again, the thing everyone is thinking is the same: It’s too soon for a new console generation.

The PS4 Pro is the mid-gen console that released last year. It hasn’t even been a full year yet. Likewise, Microsoft is claiming that the Scorpio is also a mid-gen console, and not a next-gen system. Players who paid $400 for the Pro will have to fish out another $400-$500 next year if they want a console that can go head to head with the Scorpio. In any case, I believe it is too soon for a new generation of consoles to start. Though a console generation lasts roughly 5-8 years if not more, the PS4 Pro and Slim would be less then two years old.

Of course, the life time of consoles is getting shorter and shorter (the Xbox 360 released about three years after the original Xbox was released), but to have to pay half a grand every couple of years is ridiculous, and definitely not what consumers want. Then again, people are out here buying a new iPhone every year so what the hell do I know.


In the end of the day, we still do not know if the PlayStation 5 is real or not (although lately it’s become easier to believe that it could be real, given what Nintendo just did). Personally, I’m excited to see what a new generation console can do, but at the same time, it’s just too soon. I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to see if we were lied to, or if we should start saving up for a new system. The PlayStation 5 may be the next biggest leap in video game technology yet.

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3 thoughts on “All hail the PlayStation… 5?

  1. Interesting. And I agree with your take – consoles are starting to feel iterative now. Even the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are mid-generation upgrades that, to be honest, I’m not sensing a lot of demand for.

    But then as you say, nobody expected another version of the DS, especially considering that the Switch was mean to bridge the gap between home console and handheld.

    I’m still playing through my PlayStation 3 back catalog – give me a chance to catch up!

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