Rockstar Shuts an SJW Down

Here at Lets Talk Games, we don’t support any specific group, party, or political agenda. We live by our own rules and support the rights and freedoms of the people. We believe in an age old Creed; that nothing is real; everything is permitted. That being said, we can’t help but smile and laugh when some people get what they deserve.

Recently, a Grand Theft Auto player contacted the developers of the GTA games on the Rockstar forums, and complained about the support to Grand Theft Auto: IV and the game’s “Russian” protagonist. You may have already heard of this story, but here is my take on it. She asks Rockstar why they would continue to support a game with a “Russian” protagonist, despite the “current political climate.” This player is so distraught by Rockstar’s support for the game and even calls the game “horrid.” The best part is where she claims that “we know the Russians are trying to control us.”

Now, I say again; I am not a left or right wing supporter, nor do I support the liberal or conservative agenda. I support what I feel is right. This gamer (a left wing SJW, I assume), is hilariously misinformed in more than one topic. To start, Niko Bellic, the main character in GTA:IV, is not Russian, nor is Russia trying to control the United States (it may be a heavily discussed issue, but it’ not proven to be true, yet).

Now, I commend the player for having such passion for her way of thinking, but I also can’t help but smile at her cringe worthy accusations. Anyway, take a look at one of the reactions I found online.

WARNING: Video may contain mature language and views/commentary not associated with Let’s Talk Games.

I just think its hilarious that this player is trying to shame and guilt-trip Rockstar into pulling support from a massively successful game that people still play. And to be honest, why wouldn’t she think she could sway a corporation with one comment? It’s already happened to many other companies, including YouTube. But, this gamer gets slammed with reality when Rockstar replies to her. Take a look at the complete conversation below, it’s hilarious.

Rockstar-responseI think the best part is when the Rockstar representative, Nick S. calls her a bigot and a racist. So much for her social justice crusade. Nick politely educates the player both in the inner workings of Rockstar, and in geography. He even applies a seven day ban for the player’s idiotic complaint because it doesn’t abide by the Community Guidelines, and threatens her with a permanent ban if she continues. A bit harsh, but at the same time really quite funny.

Hopefully the player educates herself a bit more before making blind accusations and ludicrous requests to another game developer in the future, less she find herself with permanent suspension. My respect to Rockstar for standing strong, and not bending to this ridiculous bullying. I tip my hat to you, Sir.



Hopefully, more companies will begin to stand fast against both left and right wing bullies in the future. For now, let’s just all take a break, sit back, and crack a cold one with the boys.

If you think Rockstar was correct in their actions with this issue, or if you believe that they should distance themselves from the GTA game entirely, let me know in the comment section below. If you are as excited as I am for the new Need for Speed game, head over to my post about it here. If you would like to read more about video games, then feel free to check out my page here. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, and please, enjoy the rest of you day.



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