Taking Another Look at Destiny

What’s better than wielding weaponized light and blasting alien brains with a giant hand cannon on a distant planet? Doing it again, only with purpose. It’s been a while since gameplay footage was revealed for the next installment in the Destiny franchise, so you all should have all seen it by now. Destiny 2 promises to vamp up almost everything from the first game. The gameplay reveal showed off new weapons and new abilities, including shield wielding, Captain America style. It looks like Destiny 2 might become everything the first game was not.

The gameplay trailer and the cinematic trailer featuring Zavala did wonders to get players pumped for the game. The gameplay trailer demonstrated all the new things coming to the game, while simultaneously setting up a story about lose, struggle, and perseverance. We already had a bit of the later with the reveal trailer where Zavala and Cayde-6 attempt to rally the remaining guardians after the fall of the Tower. Though we’ve seen the possibilities for Destiny 2, we still have much to learn. Given the mixed emotions the first game generated, it’s safe to say that we should be skeptical about this new game.

So what are my thoughts on the sequel to the space shooter? In all honesty, I am not planing on touching Destiny 2 until reviews for the game have been released.

“But, why, Gamer?” I’m glad you asked.

Destiny released to a plethora of expecting gamers who awaited Bungie’s next big game. Coming off the streak that was the Halo games, Bungie was expected to deliver a game equal to or greater than any they had released before. What we got was a boring, repetitive, grinding shooter that paled in comparison to previous Bungie games. Of course, as with any new IP, there were sure to be stones on the path, but Destiny was an immediate let down to myself and many other gamers.

Despite it’s faults, Destiny was a beautifully rendered game, with an excellent soundtrack, superb game mechanics, and breathtaking visuals. The combat system was flushed out, and the inclusion of light wielding abilities added a new layer to the space shooter. Still, what Destiny had in mechanics and cosmetics it lacked in overall purpose. This was the big draw back to the game. The lore of the game, though extensive, was no where to be found within the F***ING GAME!

If you read my post, Superheroes in Video Games, I talk about what makes a superhero game good. One of the things I listed was the Story. This applies to any game. A good story can make or break a video game. If there is no story, there has to at least be some sort of feature that keeps players coming back. We’ve seen games receive tremendous amounts of praise, despite lacking a story. Overwatch is just on example of such games.

Destiny did have a story, but it was so bland and half-assed that it was nearly insulting, and you’d wonder why Bungie even bothered to put it in the game. Similar to the story, the concept gameplay was boring and repetitive. Every mission you had go to a place, deploy your Ghost, fight waves of enemies, and repeat until you reached a bullet sponge boss.


That’s not to say I hated Destiny, in fact, I enjoyed playing with my friends into the wee hours of the night. Unfortunately, the game grew old really fast, and the only thing keeping me playing was the loot system, and even the loot system was flawed.

I had a love-hate relationship with the loot system. For example, during one of the raids one of my friends kept getting killed. After defeating the boss (with little help from that one friend) and exiting the level, guess who got the legendary weapon? Correct, the friend that kept dying. It’s the same in the Crucible.

Destiny’s PvP mode was extremely fun, but the loot drops felt unfair and ridiculous. I could have the most kills or the most points in the match, but the player with the worst KDr would get the legendary item. Or it was the other way around, I’ll admit, some matches I got my ass handed to me. The loot system was one of the key features of Destiny, and it sucked!

“But, Gamer, the loot system is supposed to be random so that it could be fair for everyone!” Yeah and I was supposed to go to prom with the hottest girl in school, doesn’t mean it really happened.

Moving on, Destiny developers had a 10 year plan for the game. This was welcome news, because despite what I thought of the game, thousands of people kept playing it. First came Darkness Below expansion, followed by the House of Wolves expansion. People payed $20 for the first DLC, and all they got were 4 generic missions, basically no story, a strike, and a raid. You also got a new light cap and new PvP maps, but that was still very little for $20. For a AAA game that took me 5 hours to complete, this “expansion” was a slap in the face to anyone who bought it, because it felt like it should have been part of the ORIGINAL GAME! Don’t believe me? Then why does the game’s 10 year long story climax with THE TAKEN KING, the father of the boss from the first expansion!

Crota, the main baddie of the first DLC, felt like it should have been the intended bad guy of the original game. (Need I remand you, the final boss in the game is a generic, faceless boss that didn’t impact the story in the slightest). Unfortunately, the DLC did nothing to warrant the game’s now $80 price tag, and don’t even get me started on the House of Wolves DLC (though I felt the second expansion was better than the first).

The game finally got it’s chance to shine the the Taken King DLC, where the stakes were raised, and your missions now had purpose. The Taken King was what the original game should have been, and I was glad I bought it. (I’m angry that I had to pay $100 for the complete experience, but what the hell). We got an extended story, building on the first DLC, along with new weapons, new maps, new strikes, and a new raid.

The new modes for the Crucible breathed fresh life into the PvP area, and the Taken King DLC delivered a seemingly complete game (all be it after spending and extra $80). The new strikes were fun, and they gave you a reason to return to the game. Of course, none of those things f***ing mattered BECAUSE THEY LOCKED YOU OUT AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE THE NEXT F***ING DLC!


Let me explain my anger. I paid $40 dollars for new PvP modes and strikes. After a while, these modes/strikes were blocked off. I could not longer use said modes/strikes unless I bought the Rise of Iron DLC. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME? This just goes to show that you really don’t own your own f***king games, but that’s completely different discussion.

After everything was said and done, and despite Bungie’s insane way of supporting the game, I still enjoyed Destiny. I am sure the Destiny 2 to will fix many of the problems the first game had. However, I will not preorder, buy a season pass, or buy the game the night it’s released because, despite the fun I had in the first game, Destiny still left a bad taste in my mouth.

I apologize if this post was more of a rant than anything else, but I just had to put my two cents in before the release of Destiny 2. If you would like to hear more about the flaws and issues Destiny had, as well as everything it got right, AngryJoe made a very good review for it. Check it out below, it’s the most viewed (and honest) Destiny review.

To finalize, I will say this; I really hope Destiny 2 succeeds, and I hope fans get the game they deserve. Destiny 2 looks so much better than the first game. The stakes are raised, the tone of the game is more intense. The game has more heart than the first game, and it is displayed by the Zavala cinematic trailer.

Destiny 2 could be the next big game for many gamers, and I sincerely hope Bungie can make us all happy. That said, I’ll be keeping Destiny 2 at arm’s length, at least until reviews begin to come out.

If you had issues with Destiny, or if you believe the game was fine from the get go, let me know in the comment section below. If you want to read my views on health and video games, check out my previous post. If you enjoyed this post please consider subscribing to my blog. Remember to like us on Facebook as well.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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