Angry Joe Goes to War

If you’ve never heard of Angry Joe or the Angry Joe Show I’ll assume you’ve been living under a rock. Not only are his game reviews the most extensive and detailed reviews on the internet, they’re the most accurate and trustworthy reviews, period. If you want the hard truth on a game, Angry Joe’s video’s are the ones to watch. Very few reviewers deliver an unbiased opinion on games they either love or hate. Angry Joe does not hold back, and even if he’s reviewing a game he really really enjoyed, he won’t hesitate to point out any flaws and where the game could be improved.

The Angry Joe Show has been one of my favorite YouTube channels, and it’s been great seeing Angry Joe make his game review videos as well as movie reviews and Let’s-Plays. Recently, however, the channel has been lacking the main staple of the show: the angry reviews. We’ve had plenty of content, but non of them have been reviews. I am unaffected by this, my only disappointment was that Angry Joe did not review Horizon Zero Dawn (he did a Let’s-Play, but no angry review), but some of his audience, in fact perhaps a majority of his audience, did not appreciate this lack of game reviews.

Angry Joe’s viewers were further angered when he posted a video announcing that he and Other Joe would be take a two month break from game reviews, while still posting other content such as movie reviews and Let’s-Plays. In an uproar, viewers spammed Angry Joe’s videos, leaving trolling and disrespectful comments, and accusing Joe of being lazy and untrustworthy. Wow! Talk about backlash. This prompted Angry Joe to censor comments and ratings on some of he’s videos, something he promised never to do.

Well, it’s been a few days, and I would like to add my two cents into the mix and discuss what is going on and who, if anyone, is at fault. I love the Angry Joe Show, and I love the angry reviews. In fact, little else on the channel holds much interest other than the reviews. I don’t particularly care for the Let’s-Plays, and while I do enjoy the movie reviews, they are just not the same as the angry reviews.

That being said, Angry Joe has been putting out content, not just reviews, at a healthy and unprecedented rate. The amount of effort put into these videos is substantial. Now, I am no YouTuber, but I do know the amount of work it takes to create videos. Just a five minute video can take up to an hour of editing, even more if you are adding affects, dubs, or voice-overs. Now imagine how much more effort a forty minute angry review takes. Not only does Angry Joe review a game, he and Other Joe create skits, act, and add flavor to an otherwise generic game review. The man works hard, and on top of that he still needs to play through the entire game in order to bring us, the people, an honest review.

On the the flip side, I really only follow his channel for the angry reviews. I watch the movie reviews, but the main course of the the show are the game reviews. Simply put,  I feel that viewers would rather have less content if it meant having more angry reviews. Sure, movie reviews and Let’s-Plays may not take as much time and effort as game reviews, but in the end of the day the Angry Joe Show was built on the angry reviews.

However, I am not against Angry Joe taking a break from the reviews because, as I said before, the level of quality his videos entail take a huge amount of effort and work. I am not a YouTuber, but I do write for this blog, and trust me, I get no money out of it. I do it because I enjoy it. If I want to take a break from writing I can do so without repercussion. Angry Joe, on the other hand, runs his channel as a business, and so he does not have the luxury of being able to take breaks because it would cause his revenue to drop. This is the man’s livelihood. It’s only logical he takes a break from his more tedious work while still putting out other content in order to sustain himself.

In the end of the day there really isn’t a innocent party, though. ReviewTechUSA, another channel I follow, put it best. This issue is the result of the “YouTube Disconnect,” which is where the audience and the YouTuber stop seeing eye two and eventually have a falling out. The guys does a much better job of explaining this than me, so please watch his video.

So to sum it all up, yes, Angry Joe has had more and more content on his channel that are not angry reviews. Yes, some people may not care for this new content, and yes, some people may only watch the show for the reviews. At the same time, there are some entitled viewers who bitch and moan about every single little change that takes place, and feel they deserve to get only what they want.

In this case, both parties are at fault. Angry Joe made a mistake by setting up a schedule and not following through with it, something even he admits was not a smart move (take a look at his response video).

Likewise, viewers need to understand that after years of making content for us, the man deserves a break. He said he would take the next two months off, not that he would stop making reviews indefinitely. This “YouTube Disconnect” could lead to Angry Joe shutting his channel down and leaving us without anything to watch. I hope for both parties’ sake this issue can be resolved, as I would hate for Angry Joe to give up on YouTube all together.

This is just my take and my view on the subject. Many people, including other YouTubers have input their own thoughts on the matter, and I suggest you view them all so that you, the reader, can form an intelligent opinion on topic.

So what do you think? Should Angry Joe concentrate on doing angry reviews only? Should his audience be a bit more open minded? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. As always, this was just my humble opinion, and I hope you enjoyed.



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