Midnight Club Reboot?

Let’s take a minute to talk about an arguably underrated racing game: Midnight Club. The series made it’s debut in 2000 with Midnight Club: Street Racing. Back then, Rockstar was primarily known for the Grand Theft Auto games. The studio dipped it’s toes into the street racing genre with Midnight Club, and the series has been highly successful, spawning several sequels, the latest of which was Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition.

Now, I love cars. I love racing games, and I love the underground street racing scene. Needless to say, the games based on the infamous real life street racing gang from Japan, the Mid Night Club, are some of my favorite games to date, so imagine my excitement when a Reddit user posted these leaked images.



Of course, none of this is official, and we know Rockstar is working tirelessly on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6. Still, another street racing game would propel them into the racing genre again, as they already have a monopoly on both open world games and westerns. Hopefully these images are not fake, as Need For Speed: Payback is the only upcoming street racing game along with The Crew 2. Midnight Club making a comeback as close to a gift from the Gods as we can get.

ComicBook.com also reported on the leak, saying:

At first everyone was suspecting a remaster of the original, but a poster in the thread pointed out that in one of the screenshots, you can see “Nissan.” The original game did not contain licensed cars, so some are suspecting that this is a reboot instead.

Read the full post here.

Now, this is still just a rumor. In fact, it could very well be a hoax (I hope to God it’s not), so at this moment I am only presenting the possibility of the return of the Midnight Club franchise. Most of the links on the Reddit post have reportedly been shut down, which could mean that they are either fake or that Rockstar doesn’t want us to know about this game yet. There is one link, which as of writing this post is still active. Take a look here.

As a car guy, racing game enthusiast, and Rockstar fanboy, I hope this rumor is true. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comment section below.

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As always, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have an amazing day.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Club Reboot?

  1. A reboot of this franchise would be amazing. I honestly think it’s a hoax though. GTA Online has a decent street racing community already, so I can’t see Rockstar investing resources into a bespoke racing game.


    1. This is very true, and as I mentioned, Rockstar does have its hands full with two triple A games. However, given the success of GTA:V and Online, it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Rockstar to make a new game revolving around the popular car scene of those games.


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