Micro-transactions in Shadow of War

I wonder who was the despicable buffoon who thought putting micro-transactions in a single player game was a good idea. I loved Shadow of Mordor, and I have high hopes for the sequel. However, we just received some saddening news; Shadow of War, the second game in the Middle-Earth games, will contain micro-transactions that players can use to get rare and powerful items.

Now, keep in mind, this is not a witch hunt on all the games that have micro-transactions. Some games, like free-to-play games, do need micro-transactions to stay afloat. Other games, like GTA:V Online, need micro-transactions to pay for the free content they constantly put out. Yes, we did pay full price for GTA:V, but the online mode can be considered a completely different game in and of itself.

I’m even accepting of micro-transactions for cosmetics, like in Injustice 2. Paying real money for gear that may look better than anything you have is annoying, yet acceptable, given that gear will not provide you an unfair advantage in an online mode. However, when a game like Shadow of War does it, it’s a bit different.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Shadow of War is a single player game, so if you choose to, you can completely ignore the micro-transactions like the chests and mithril and the chance to get legendary Orcs, which CAN BE USED IN MULTI-PLAYER MODE. Granted, that may be true, but it also means that the grind to get some of this gear has just increased dramatically. Remember Halo 5: Guardians? This could be headed in that direction, fast. It’s a disgusting tactic used by corporations to strong arm us into buying their s***.  By making it increasingly more difficult to get some of this gear, or some of the better chests, micro-transactions become more and more appealing. It’s wrong, and it’s disgusting, and I condemn this practice whole-heartedly.

“But, Gamer, if a person want’s to spend money for better Orcs, so what? If he has the money to do it, why should we care what he does?”

Because it will be f***ing unfair in multi-player!

Shadow of War, although primarily single player based, has a multi-player aspect that can and will be terribly unbalanced due to these micro-transactions. Now, that’s not to say something like this will be fixed or patched out, but currently, as the game stands, advanced items acquired through micro-transactions will affect your stats in a multi-player mode.


The multi-player based defense mode, “Social Conquest,” is a mode where you can use your best Orcs, even the ones you got from micro-transactions, to play against other players. This is also a mode where your Orcs can die permanently. Now, if you want to have the best base that other players can attack, and have Legendary Orcs that will be OP as all get out, you either grind for an entire month, or drop a bit of real life cash for an unfair and lazy advantage.

You know what, I am sick and tired of these Triple A games doing this petty s***, and yes, it is s***, just for a cheap cash grab. I can’t even put to words how disgusted I am right now. We need to end this before corporations take it too far!

Now, I’m not saying to boycott the game, no no no. The game, for all intents and purposes, can be a great game. What you should do is stay away from pre-orders, stay away from the micro-transations, and just let it be known that we do not want this s*** in our games anymore! Enough is enough! I have had it with games doing this more and more often. It us up to us, the consumers, to put these people in their place!

Do not pre-order, and do not pay them these micro god damned transactions!

Sorry to leave on such a sour note, so please, have an enjoyable rest of your day.



2 thoughts on “Micro-transactions in Shadow of War

  1. It’s just sad to see what looks to be a greatly promising game to be soured by micro-transactions. This is a shameless tactic that preys on the whale mentality of some gamers. It has little place on most games, and no place on Triple A single-player games. It was sad to see on Deus Ex. It’s sad to see it here.


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