Return of the Tomb Raider

With an upcoming film about to release, Lara Croft will be making a big entrance back into the entertainment industry after the success of Rise of the Tomb Raider. I personally enjoyed the first game in the rebooted franchise, and the sequel was even better. Now, gamers everywhere are hoping that the new movie will be the one to break the curse that video games on the big screen suffer from.

Today, Square Enix announced some exciting news! In a heartfelt post to all the fans, they’ve confirmed a new game! The official Tomb Raider Twitter account posted this message for fans of the beloved series.

This is great news for the gaming community. In a time where the industry is hurting for some epic story driven games, a new Tomb Raider sequel will definitely scratch that itch. This year has seen it’s share of good games, but each have had an emphasis on something other than the narrative. According to EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, linear games are not as popular now than they were years ago. Well, if Square Enix can make a game that’s just as good or even better than Rise of the Tomb Raider, we can make Mr. Jorgensen eat his words.

The Tomb Raider is a much loved and enjoyed series, and I am really excited to have a new addition to the growing mythos of Lara Croft. Here’s to an exciting new year!

– Gamer by Night


3 thoughts on “Return of the Tomb Raider

  1. I am pretty curious about this new game. I still have 2 never played Tomb Raider games in my steam library. Maybe it is time to install and play them haha. Nice post man!


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