Hello, my name is Gamer by Night; welcome to Let’s Talk Games. This site fuses my passion for gaming with my love for writing. I know there are many pages on the internet that concentrate on certain genres or sections of the gaming world, but my page is unique. I don’t just do this for the sake of writing. I want to bridge the gap between gamers and a misunderstanding world. My goal it to talk from the heart and display the cold hard facts.

Based in the Northwest, I concentrate my efforts on improving myself as an individual and as a writer. During the day I study to become an engineer, but at night I immerse myself in the vivid and inspiring worlds of video games. Video games are a big part of my daily life. From the first time I popped in a Nintendo cartage, video games have captured my attention. Of course, I’ve had to deal with the never ending controversies surrounding my hobby.

This is the reason I decided to start writing. I started this blog as a way to hone my writing skills, but also to face the many controversies and explain our point of view. My passion for writing and for video games merged in this blog, and I can confidently say that starting this blog is one of the smartest things I’ve done.

From horror to racing games, Sony or Microsoft, retro and next-gen, you’ll find it all here, along with my humble, unapologetic opinion. In the future I hope to include and feature other writers on my page, and hopefully build a community for avid gamers everywhere. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page here.

I hope this blog serves its purpose, and I sincerely hope you enjoy.

-Gamer by Night