Angry Joe Goes to War

If you've never heard of Angry Joe or the Angry Joe Show I'll assume you've been living under a rock. Not only are his game reviews the most extensive and detailed reviews on the internet, they're the most accurate and trustworthy reviews, period. If you want the hard truth on a game, Angry Joe's video's [...]


My Favorite JRPGs

It seems that the world is divided. And no, I'm not talking about today's political climate. Instead, I'm talking about Western versus Japanese subjects. People either love or hate import cars like Hondas or Nissans, people either love or hate anime, and people either love or hate JRPGs. Now, I'm not saying it's bad to [...]

Taking Another Look at Destiny

What's better than wielding weaponized light and blasting alien brains with a giant hand cannon on a distant planet? Doing it again, only with purpose. It's been a while since gameplay footage was revealed for the next installment in the Destiny franchise, so you all should have all seen it by now. Destiny 2 promises [...]