Superheroes in Video Games

I love Batman. I own all the movies, games, and Funko Pops. In fact, one of my all time favorite games is Batman: Arkham City, closely followed by Batman: Arkham Knight. Rocksteady had a hit when they released Batman: Arkham Asylum, which spawned two sequels, a spiritual prequel, and even an animated movie based in … Continue reading Superheroes in Video Games


Boots Back on the Ground

Today, the countdown for the new Call of Duty game reveal was activated on the games official website. We have 4 days left before the reveal of a brand new game. As we wait for the next installment of the CoD series, many gamers are wondering what the return to the "boots on the ground" … Continue reading Boots Back on the Ground

The PS4 Pro Killer?

Is anyone else excited for the Xbox Scorpio? The race for 4K gaming has been going on for a while. Although PC Master Racers have claimed victory a while back, console owners had something to boast about with the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Sony released this updated PS4 system that improved graphics on … Continue reading The PS4 Pro Killer?