A Healthy Gamer is a Better Gamer

Playing video games is what I love to do the most. You can say I've spent a majority of my life playing games ever since I got my first Nintendo system way back when. Being able to sit back, relax, and forget about the woes of the world is enticing to anyone. On the other side [...]


Back in the Driver’s Seat

Get ready to take life by the steering wheel and smash that gas pedal until the floor pan of your little Import flies off! Need for Speed is coming back, baby, and I am really looking forward to what this new game has to offer. Will it be everything we wanted? Will it be everything [...]

All hail the PlayStation… 5?

Wait, what? The PlayStation 4 is the bestselling console of it's generation with 64 million units shipped since its debut. With only about five years under its belt (a very short life for consoles) it's become the go to gaming console for many players. Late last year also gave us the PS4 Slim and the [...]